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How to Troubleshoot "Virus signature database update failed" issue in ESET Windows Antivirus?

  • By pc tech
  • 15 Oct, 2017

Eset Technical Support Services 

Today, the technology is advancing at a rapid pace simultaneously the uncertainty has also spread everywhere. No doubt the technology has provided us a luxurious life but that goes aside with the vulnerable attacks. The entire range of technologically advanced computing devices proves beneficial for us as we can accomplish our work easily and quickly by using them. But even a small technical issue in them can halt the entire computing experience. Therefore, safeguarding our systems from malicious viruses is really very significant. Technology users need to safeguard their technical devices, by downloading & installing an efficient antivirus security like ESET .

ESET antivirus is the best protection package for any computer, mobile, or network security. ESET has provided numerous security products including ESET server security, ESET antivirus endpoint security, ESET mobile security, and remote management system, to offer an isolated protection for small, medium and large businesses. If the security of individuals are concerned, ESET has provided antivirus security solutions for every type of technical device regardless the one is having Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android operating system installed on it.

Sometimes due to one or the other technical glitches, even the proficient ESET Antivirus may face some issue like Virus signature database update failed in Windows Computers.


The issue occur with an error message " ESET Antivirus error 0073" or the error message "Virus signature database update failed"

Steps to fixVirus signature database update failed” issue in ESET Windows Antivirus

Although this error can occur in the ESET Antivirus installed in a device with any of the operating system (Mac OS X, Android, and others), but here we, the technical customer support experts of PC Experts Help has provided the resolution steps for Windows users.

Users with Windows operating system can follow the steps provided below to troubleshoot “Virus signature database update failed” issue in ESET Windows Antivirus

Step 1: Ensure that you are having the latest version of your ESET security product.

Step 2: Re-enter your ESET -issued Password, Username or License Key.

Step 3: Verify that your license has not been expired.

Step 4: Clear the update cache.

Step 5: Check & remove if any previously installed antivirus software is present there, by using some common antivirus software removal tools

Step 6: Exclude ESET Antivirus from detection on third party firewall.

Note: If you are using the ESET Personal firewall & no other firewall software is installed on your system, then avoid this step.

Step 7: Configure your update settings properly by following the guidelines given below:

·        Open the main program Window and press F5 key to access the ‘advanced setup window’.

·        Click Update and expand HTTP Proxy, then select ‘Do not use proxy server’ option from the ‘Proxy mode’ drop-down menu, then click OK.

Note: Version 8.x and earlier users: expand Update followed by click Update → Setup, then click the HTTP Proxy tab, ensure that ‘Do not use proxy server’ is selected, before clicking on OK.

·        If the settings in HTTP Proxy are locked that means the specified proxy policy was forced by ERA Server. You can revoke the settings from the ERA Web Console. If there is no access to ERA Server, then firstly uninstall the ERA Agent followed by Uninstalling and reinstalling your ESET product.

Step 8: Test communications with the ESET update server by following the steps mentioned further:

·        Press the Windows + R keys together, type ‘cmd’ into the text field and click ENTER.

Windows 8 users should Press the Windows + Q key to open an app search and type ‘cmd’ into the Search field.

·        Type ping update.eset.com into the command prompt, then press ENTER key.

·        In case you are able to link to the update server, a ‘Reply from’ message followed by the IP address of the server you are trying to reach, appears in front of you.

Step 9: Uninstall & reinstall your ESET product.

Step 10: Clean your computer if you feel it is infected.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, then please contact the technical customer support professionals of reliable support firm Pc Experts Help. The firm has hired a team of certified and experienced technical customer support experts to provide one-stop solution to our customers. Our experts are available round the clock to serve the customers. The ESET Node 32 S upport seekers can call us at our toll-free ESET Antivirus Technical Customer Support Phone Number - 1800-012-720 anytime (24x7).

By pc tech 29 Dec, 2017

Bitdefender Antivirus is an utmost security program that incorporates various advance features and one of these latest technology based security features is ‘ Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue Mode’ which is especially designed and used to remove online threats such as viruses.

What is Rescue Mode?

Actually, the Rescue Mode is a feature provided by Bitdefender Antivirus security in order to allow its user to scan & fix all the existing hard drive partitions present outside of their system’s operating system. The main fact about this software is that it can also be used even if the user is no longer able to boot into Windows.

How can we use Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue Mode?

If you want to use ‘ Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue Mode’ feature to scan your device, but don’t know how to and thus looking for the same. There is no need to worry, either call on Toll-free Bitdefender Antivirus Support Phone Number – 1800-012-720 to scan the system with help of certified technical professionals of PC Experts Help (a reliable support firm) or you can follow the guidelines mentioned below:  

Part I: Initiate Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue mode in System:

Follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: First of all you are required to go to the Antivirus panel.

Step 2: After that you have to click on “Scan Now” & select “Rescue Mode”.

Step 3: After reaching to the confirmation panel click on “Yes” to reboot your computer.

Step 4: Now a list of options will appear asking you to select an operating system when the computer restarts. Hence, select Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue Image followed by pressing the ‘Enter key’ to boot into a Bitdefender.

Step 5: Then press ‘Enter key’ & select the screen resolution closest to the one you normally utilize and then press ‘Enter’ once again.

Step 6: At last, the Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue Mode will load in a few moments.

Part II: System Scanning using Rescue Mode:

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all, you are required to enter the ‘Rescue Mode’.

Step 2: After that the antivirus engines will start to be copied.

Step 3: Then a Window will be shown where you have to click on “Continue” option.

Step 4: Now the update process will be started & once the update is completed, the Bitdefender On-demand Antivirus Scanner window will get display in front of you.

Step 5: Here, click over “Scan Now” button & select the scan option in the Window that appears on your screen and click on ‘Open’ to start scanning.

Step 6: Now wait till the scan is completed properly and if any malware/ virus gets detected follow the instructions on your screen to remove the threat.

Step 7: At last after performing the above steps & instructions, now select whether to reboot or shut down the computer.

The aforementioned instructions would have helped you and now you can easily use your Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue Mode. But sometimes, there are situations when the customers are required to get in touch with certified technicians who deals in rendering excellent Bitdefender Technical Support for Antivirus online virus scan issues or any other problem. All the issues will be fixed properly and with great care via remote connection method. Bitdefender Antivirus Rescue Mode is a great feature to scan and remove threats from our devices but there are several technical issues that can be faced while using it, some are like the laptops/ PCs not running this program, the software is not able to work properly, issues in booting the CD, program suddenly get stop, stuck issues and many other. These are common problems and can occur anytime due to technical faults, but have to be resolved as soon as possible with the support from reliable and experienced team like ours. Our Bitdefender Support professionals have years of experience in dealing with and solving such issues in a short time period. We are recommended as the best Bitdefender Virus Protection providers amongst the customers of US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Hence, don’t get worried & enjoy the usage of your Bitdefender security software without any error and if any issues occur then contact our experts for best possible technical customer support. Just dial the Bitdefender Antivirus Customer Technical Support Phone Number1800-012-720 & enjoy the benefits of error free usage of this tool. This is a toll-free and well-managed customer service helpline number which is available for 24 hours all over the year.

By pc tech 11 Dec, 2017

Computers have become the lifeline of millions of people since its launch. Computer is an electronic device used to transfer the data from several of devices and gather necessary information from different web pages. But this connection of wide networks is an open source of cyber assaults such as spyware and malware that can corrupt the files available in the computers. To protect the computer from getting damaged installation of the reliable antivirus software is necessary. You can opt the best antivirus program as per you computers requirements, but if suggested ESET is revered as one of the leading antivirus suite that protects the computer against threats. 

Developed by a Slovakian company with the sole motive to protect the computer against nefarious threats such as virus and cyber-attacks, ESET Antivirus has gained appreciate, globally. ESET Antivirus is compatible with several of operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac and Linux. Additionally, its settings and configuration can be customized as per OS requirements. ESET Antivirus on the other hand is revered as one of the powerful software suite providing utmost protection to the computers. The operating system is widely demanded amongst the clients for their supreme features which are as follows: 

Complete Safety from Virus Attacks: ESET Antivirus support the computer against virus, Trojan, worms, malware and spyware attacks. Additionally, it offers safety to the computing devices from cyber threats, which means no need to purchase or install the extra antivirus software program. ESET is a one-stop solution for all virus related issues. It is available at the reasonable rates and one can easily purchase it either online or from the retail stores. If you encounter any issue then they take ESET Antivirus Technical Customer Support

Compatible & Low Memory Consumption: Only 9 MB of working space is required to run the ESET Antivirus successfully in your computer. Light weighted this antivirus suite runs smoothly in your computer even if it has low RAM and scans the virus faster than other antivirus software available in the computer. Additionally, if you trigger any issue with the product they take ESET Technical Support from a reliable firm. 

An Automatic System Scanning Daily: If you are an ESET Antivirus Security user then do not worry about the scanning process of your product, as it automatically scans the computing device. During product installation customers has to follow the necessary on screen instructions that scans the computer against virus and once the installation is completed it regularly scan the device. Additionally, during the scanning process, ESET Antivirus will not affect the system performance. 

24 Hour Non Stop Customer Support Service:   If the user encounter any technical issue with the ESET Antivirus then he can take the 24 hour available customer support service from In2PCfix. At In2PCfix we are engaged in offering tremendous solutions to the clients, that too after recognizing the basic requirements of technical world. 

The ESET Support services we offer are rendered by the team of skilled and dedicated professionals, who have years of industry experience. Our support services are recommended amongst the clients for their precise use. Offered ESET Support services are known for their reliability and quality. We help the customer for the following technical issues: 

  • ESET Antivirus software installation support
  • Malicious files and malware with ESET Antivirus  
  • Error troubleshooting support for ESET Antivirus
  • ESET Antivirus system compatibility related issues
  • Subscription & renewal for ESET Antivirus support
  • PC Diagnosis for other threats or virus attacks risks
  • ESET Antivirus support for adware or spyware scans
  • Support for third-party antivirus removal or uninstall
  • Support for virus scan and removal via ESET Antivirus
  • ESET Antivirus support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android 

Hence, just dial our ESET Technical Customer Support Phone Number 1-888-483-3317, if looking for reliable ESET Antivirus help. We are available at any time for ESET Antivirus Technical Support . Always remember we are only a call away from you.

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By pc tech 08 Dec, 2017

Being smart tech users, most of us have realized the importance of a security software in today’s digital life in order to keep the computer system safe while working online. An antivirus software has become a major need to safeguard our laptops, tablets, desktop computers and even smart phones from various malicious programs roaming across the online platform including viruses, malwares, adware and other threats.  

If you are in confusion; which antivirus security software to be install for complete and powerful protection of your technical devices. Then you can choose McAfee Total Protection or Antivirus software. Because McAfee Total Protection or Antivirus products are the best security software used and trusted globally by large number of customers. These are the Intel Internet security products designed & developed with various high-quality security features and are compatible to run on technical devices with different types of operating system such as Windows, Mac or Android.

There could be some technical issues that interrupts the proper installation or functioning of your McAfee Security . These issues usually occurs due to some abnormal activities while installing the software and can create more devastating problems. Some of the reasons that can be responsible for technical issues in your security software are: Selection of incompatible version of the McAfee Antivirus, existence of a previously installed security software (results in conflict errors), intentionally or mistakenly deletion of McAfee Total Protection or Antivirus related files by some malicious software, entry of virus that can result in corruption of various credential applications, and many more.  Such kind of faults result in a lot of technical issues like McAfee Installation Cannot Start Error Message, Unable to Continue McAfee Antivirus Installation Issue, ‘Trouble Uninstalling previous version of McAfee or any other antivirus, etc. and thus can cause further damages. Hence, the users are recommended to get rid of the causes and the errors/ issues as soon as possible. A large list of other technical issues apart from installation or uninstallation related are as Firewall Not safeguarding the system Issues, Antivirus’s Product Keys activation error, security suite is not scanning the device properly problem, Setup issue, Update issue, etc.

But you may not be get worried with McAfee Antivirus , Internet Security related issue because McAfee Antivirus Support team of Pctech24 which is highly-qualified and have years of experience in this field is ready to help you at any sort of time. All the technical concerns whether related to McAfee or your system are solved here within couple of minutes, without affecting the speed & performance of your product via McAfee Technical Support services. So, if facing such issues then either follows the steps mentioned below or call us for remote support to carry out the McAfee installation process.

Steps to Fix McAfee “Installation Cannot Continue” or “Trouble in Installing McAfee” Issues:

Step 1: Clean Temp files manually

·        Open the ‘Run’ option by pressing the combination of Windows + R keys.

·        After that, type “TEMP” in the command box and click on ‘OK’ button.

·        Then the users are needed to delete all files in present in Temp folder.

Step2: Reset your Internet Explorer

·        First of all, open the Internet Explorer tab

·        Then, click on the “Tools” menu & select the Internet Options

·        After that from there move to the “Advanced” tab

·        Then, a “RESET” button will appear on your system’s screen, click it

·        At last, click on ‘Close’ option to finish.

Step 3: Download and run McAfee Virtual Technician tool

Here the users are required to download as well as run the McAfee Virtual Technician tool on their computer system.

Step 4: Restart the computer system

At last, after executing the above stated three steps, the users are recommended to restart their computer system. Restarting the device will allow users to get rid of the issue completely.

If you have any difficulty in following the aforementioned steps, then go for the best online assistance for which you just have to call at McAfee Antivirus Support Phone Number1-888-510-6016. Here all your issues are handled and resolved under the supervision of expert specialists of our McAfee Technical Support team. The customer help services rendered by our technicians are non-stop with 24 hours a day and 365 days a year existence and can execute all the processes like McAfee Installation , un- installation , renewal process. Moreover, our services can help you to resolve all the errors in your Antivirus or system within minimum possible time and at affordable charges.  Our McAfee Antivirus Support Phone Number is a one call responsive and toll free customer helpline service. So, customers facing any kind of McAfee issues should contact us as soon as possible.

By pc tech 08 Dec, 2017

McAfee Antivirus offers complete protection for computer machine, servers and networks. Users can select this antivirus because it blocks viruses, malwares, and cyber attacks etc to harm the computer machine. This antivirus is majorly used all over the world by people. McAfee has numerous important and innovative features from other antivirus. It offers a nonstop security to PCs and laptops.  

It runs without any technical issues but due to any technical issues it can create troubles such as Installation technical issue, Uninstall technical problem, Malware Removal error, Subscription Renewal Technical Problem, Firewall technical issue etc and numerous other technical problems. The technical support is offered for all the technical issues related to McAfee software. Most of the users experience technical problem with modules not working correctly so they may not to worry with this technical problem as the online technical support is being offered by McAfee technical support .      

The customers are just needed to dial the toll free number of McAfee antivirus technical support that is available 24 hours all over the year for UK states. So, just contact with McAfee Technical Support and get the troubles fixed as soon as possible.      

Follow the steps to resolve the technical issues as McAfee Modules are not working:      

Step 1: The first major step will be to “Run a Windows check disk”. The steps are as to find:    

For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10:      

·        Initially, open the computer window (Windows + E)  

·        Then have a right tap the drive that requires checking for error and after this tap on the Properties.  

·        Next, tap on the Tools tab and tap on the check button under Error Checking.

For Windows 7:  

·        Double Click the Start Windows icon.  

·        Next Open Windows Explorer from shortcut menu.

·        Then from navigation panel, click on Computer.

·        Right-click the drive that requires checking.

·        After this tap on “Properties” tab and then move to Tools tab.

·        Click the Check now button.

·        From there Check Disk <disk name> window, choose the “Automatically” fix file system errors check box.

Step 2: The next step will be to use either the DISM command or the System Update Readiness tool as per the operating system.

Step 3: After this run the System File Checker on system.

Step 4: At last, from “Control Panel” repair the McAfee 2017.

·        In the starting, press Windows key + R from the keyboard.

·        Then need to type appwiz.cpl in the command box and press Enter key.

·        Choose the McAfee product in the list and select Uninstall.

·        Follow the steps prompted to Uninstall or Repair the product and users may select Repair.

·        Now at last, wait for the process to end and after process done then restart the PC for the changes to take effect.

The online technical support for McAfee Antivirus program is present here, the users may just need to contact at McAfee customer support number, and it is a one call response number with 24x7 in service. So, to get the technical issues resolved and stay trouble free get in touch as soon as possible.

PcTech24 has hired the staff of skilled professionals, busy in giving quality McAfee Technical Support to the customers. Alongside, we guarantee the customers to offer quality services at the lowest possible rates.

Many people believe that online services are total scam as well as expensive. But, it’s not true, online McAfee Technical Support is reliable and inexpensive if taken from the technical support like ours. We provide the customer support service considering the needs of the customers in the least possible time. Time is precious and we now it very well. Though on the other hand, it is also a fact that there are several third party firms as well that are totally scam and are not offering genuine services. Prevent yourself from these scammers! All online technical support companies are not scam just do some investigation about them.

Search the best for service like ours and you will find that availing the online McAfee Antivirus customer technical support service is helpful.

By pc tech 07 Dec, 2017

The PC users always need a complete security for their machine from different types of cyber threats like viruses, malwares, adware, Trojans etc. These are some of the very dangerous threats which should be kept away from electronic devices to avoid any risks. An antivirus is a best way to keep the PC protected and secure. Trend Micro is one of the top standard antiviruses which launched with several kinds of protection tools which secure viruses to affect the PCs.

Most of the time, it runs without any technical error but there are few technical problems that can be caused by technical error. The technical errors are like Install & Configure, Download & Setup, Uninstall & Reinstall, Product Key Activation, Virus removal technical issue, Slow running of PC machine after installing the antivirus, Subscription Renewal trouble. The expert technical staffs are required to handle such technical problems and they are available at antivirus technical support number who resolves the technical problems completely without affecting any other application stored in the gadgets.

Running such internet security without any technical error is difficult task as some issues can be occurred due to technical issue but glad to hear that the best and world class technical support has been started in US and Canada regions in technical support for the Trend Micro users where entire technical issues are fixed with accurate solutions as per the customized rate of service charge.

Instructions to uninstall Trend Micro Antivirus completely:

Step 1: Users may try to disable Trend Micro from Task Manager

·        To disable Trend Micro press the Ctrl + Shift + Del at a time to launch Task Manager.

·        Then need to find the Trend Micro Internet Security complete 2017 and when found open it.

·        And from there select the End Task.

Step 2: Uninstall the Trend Micro software from Programs & Features

·        Press the Windows key and open the Control Panel section.

·        Then go to the Programs & Features tab and look for Trend Micro Internet Security Complete.

·        Hit on it and do the Uninstall process.

Step 3: Uninstall the rest fragments

·        Open the run window and type regedit, and press Enter key.

·        Next, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Trend MicroGroup\\ and when found delete the folder.

·        Then locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\TREND MICRO\\ folder.

·        Next, tap on Edit and select Find.

·        Enter Trend Micro and eliminate all findings.

·        And at the end reboot PC.

The Trend Micro users can dial at Trend Micro antivirus technical support phone number for how to uninstall Trend Micro Antivirus support . Here all the troubles are fixed only through Remote Access Technology method with round the clock support service.

Online Technical Support for Antivirus Following Issues:

·        Antivirus Software Setup Support

·        Antivirus Software Installation Technical Issues

·         Online Support to Configure Antivirus Software

·        Antivirus Software Uninstall Technical Issues

·        Re-installation Technical Support for Antivirus Software

·        Antivirus Software Product Key Activation Technical Issues

·        Antivirus Software Technical Support Scanning Issues

·        Antivirus Support for Version Update or Upgrade

·        Virus Removal Technical Support for Antivirus Software

·        Slow Running of PC due to Antivirus Software

·        Troubleshooting Service for Antivirus Technical Errors

·        Subscription Renewal Issues with Antivirus Software

Why Choose Us for Antivirus & Internet Security Support?

·        No Signup or Registration needed

·        Quick Call Response for end-users

·        One-stop Online Solution for Several Brands Antivirus

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By pc tech 25 Nov, 2017

McAfee is an award-winning antivirus security program for all of your devices including PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones, etc. The antivirus software is compatible for almost all the technical devices either they have windows, android or Mac Operating system installed in them. McAfee has become a leader in global internet & security field, because of providing trusted software & products which can be utilized without any hassle. So if you want to defend your laptop/ PCs from threats then you require to be aware about best security tools & antiviruses .

McAfee Total Protection

It is a complete Protection package that keep its customers’ system away from Trojans, Worms, Viruses, Spywares, rootkits & other types of threats as well as infections. McAfee Total Protection Support award winning features of best antivirus tools, which support its customers to protect their systems and data. If want to install this excellent security package but don’t know how to? Then simply call the certified McAfee Support professionals on the toll free and 24x7 available McAfee Antivirus Support Phone Number so that you can get instant and easy installation assistance. This security product is well- known for automatically detecting malware and viruses and taking an appropriate action to make its customers’ system safe from damage.

Pros of McAfee Total Protection:

·         Trusted & Tested in labs.

·        Platform Independent.

·        Accurate Anti-Spam.

·        File Encryption.

McAfee Total Protection and Antivirus are platform independent security products. Thus, both of the proficient security programs can be used on almost every operating system such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

Security Management Console

McAfee Total Protection Support a ‘security management console’, which allows its customers to check the security status of all of their technical devices. It also provides support for remotely tracking the computers and smart phones, moreover the McAfee Customers can also lock their stolen technical device with a single touch or click.

File Encryption

The file encryption feature of McAfee Support encryption of files & folders which are stored in its customers’ computer system to provide higher privacy and security of their data.

File Lock

There is an option of ‘file lock’ in McAfee Total Protection so that its customers can keep their files secret even if they have lost their PC or Smartphone.

Spam Email Filter

This security feature of McAfee Total Protection package helps its customers to keeps the dangerous mails away from their inbox. The excellent utility has the ability to filter the suspicious email or attachments in its customer’s inbox. It also prevents junk emails from entering into your system.

Over to you

Thank you so much for reading the review of McAfee total protection . Here in this post, we have provided each and everything about the specified security product. We have added pros, specifications, etc. Now, being a customer it is up to you & your requirements to install McAfee security on your system or to get McAfee Update if you are already a user of this antivirus security. In case want more details about this or any other security product, please contact the knowledgeable McAfee customer care representatives at Pctech24. You can also contact us by dialing our toll-free McAfee Phone Support Number1800 83 24 24 , if facing any technical issues while installing or using your McAfee Total Protection or antivirus or any other product. The McAfee Antivirus Technical Customer Support team of Pctech24 is always (24x7) ready to help you, whether you call us at night, during early morning, Sundays or public holidays.

By pc tech 23 Nov, 2017

For continuous and long time working on the computer it is very significant to keep it protected from external as well as internal threats that can affect its functionality in one or the other way. And one of the best way to keep your system safe is downloading and installing an excellent security software like Webroot antivirus on it. Webroot Antivirus is a security software that safeguards its users’ system not only from attack of existing virus & other threats but also from the emerging threats that can cause trouble to the users in performing their work. Moreover, this security program never affects the system’s performance in exchange of providing powerful security shield.

The major problem with the present day users is that they cannot live without internet, as it has become a main platform for accomplishing our day to day tasks. But we cannot turn our face from the reality that online surfing over internet has become the main source of all evils, thus raising the concerns associated with Security issues for every user all over the world. Hence, to deal with the security issues, one needs to have professional and reliable setup or platform, which is preferably a Webroot antivirus program. Webroot Antivirus product definitely qualifies as one of the excellent antivirus programs.

If want to know more about Webroot Antivirus or its download, installation, latest version, etc., call the highly-qualified Webroot Technical Support professionals on our Toll-free Customer Service Helpline Number1800 83 24 24. Our expert technicians will surely provide you with all the information required by you regarding this security software.

For getting the Webroot Antivirus on your computer, you are required to follow the given steps to download this antivirus onto a new computer making it convenient for you to work on it.

 ·         Go to the official website of Webroot

·        Select the ‘download now’ link/ option on the website

·        Click on ‘save’ button and then make a note of where the file is saved

·        Locate the saved file properly

·        Double click on the file to begin with the installation process

·        Enter the product key when prompted

·        Select the finish option when the installation gets completed

 The aforementioned steps will help you to simply install the antivirus on your computer and thus make it easy for you to keep your system protected and in proper working condition for a long time. If there occurs any issue or appear any difficulty with the download or install process then you are required to immediately contact the experienced and talented Webroot Antivirus Support team on the toll-free customer care number (provided above) and get the solution for such issues. You can also get assured solution for all types of technical issues whether related to your Webroot antivirus or to your system after installing the Webroot security.

 Recommendation: Users are advised to update their Webroot Antivirus on regular basis in order to keep it effective and well performing.

 Users can also contact our Webroot Antivirus Customer Service representatives if want support in selecting the appropriate and compatible security software for their technical devices.

The Webroot  Support experts of Pctech24 can also provide the users with essential guidance required to carry out the installation, re-installation, renewal, activation of their security suite. Our Webroot Antivirus Support team is always (24x7) ready to help the customers in keeping their systems protected and also to enable our customers to use their system with ease without facing any type of trouble. Just dial our toll-free, day and night available, as well as well-managed Webroot Customer Service Helpline Number – 1800 83 24 24 to get our 24x7 Webroot Antivirus Support services which are appreciated amongst the esteemed client base.

By pc tech 23 Nov, 2017

Do you want to purchase Kaspersky Antivirus internet security program for your PC? Kaspersky is revered as one of the leading antivirus suite protecting the computers from malignant and malicious threats. It is designed to provide utmost protection to the computers and thus well-known amongst the clients. Kaspersky Antivirus is widely acclaimed for its tremendous features which are as follows:

Installation: The installation process of Kaspersky Antivirus is quick and painless. It incorporates an installation wizard that offers step by step installation instruction through which it can easily be installed into the computers. Less computer resource is been used by Kaspersky installation process if compared with its competitors.

Interface: Kaspersky Antivirus is offering a customizable user interface than its competitors. It supports the customer to analyse the level of complexity, or simplicity of this antivirus software suite. It enables you for three interface views basic, which has the simplest set of options; intermediate that offers access to more features and settings. Experts allow the customer to see all the details of software’s operations. This customizable feature of Kaspersky interface makes it flexible.

Detection Effectiveness: Kaspersky Antivirus is offering efficient results when it comes to scanning the files, email accounts and web pages. If you compare it with other antivirus suites it offers sub-par results when it comes to detecting malware that collects the personal data and information of the users. Several times this rouge antivirus suite do not offers any benefit or functionality to the user.

Aforementioned ae some basic features of the product, below you will read more about why is it require to have Kaspersky Antivirus in your computer:

Safeguard your system from new and unknown potential malware threats: Several of threats and infections are detecting each day by cybercriminals, thus it becomes important to install Kaspersky antivirus software to protect the vital information available in the computers.

Security that runs parallel to performance without any slowness issues: It becomes important to secure the computers data and protect the computers from cyberattack. This way the Kaspersky Antivirus helps maintaining the speed and performance of the device.

Do not allow criminal spying through your webcam: We know that cybercriminals have been able to recognize the possibilities to ruin users with the rapid and growing use of webcams and the recent past such cases has been increasing at a quick pace.

Kills the possibility of any money and financial theft through your system: Online transactions such as shopping, banking and payment systems helps to simplify a host of everyday tasks, but they introduce with malicious security threats that includes the potential theft of your passwords, account details and cash that needs to be removed.

Protects system from being controlled by identity-thieves: The vulnerability can easily be spread into the computer with the internet activities. Without providing any prior information to the customer vulnerable files enter into the system and ruin their performance. The fraud cases are in large number.

Even being one of the reliable PC Suite, Kaspersky Antivirus encounters technical issues that needs to be resolved as soon as they detected. Take the help of PCTECH24 Kaspersky Support team who is available round the clock for the clients. The Kaspersky Antivirus Technical Support team is available 24*7 for the convenience of the clients. Hence, now the customers can take our support anytime they want. The Kaspersky Antivirus Technical Support team is here to help them resolving the Kaspersky Antivirus Technical issues that they encounter at any point of time.  Dial our Kaspersky Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number 1800 83 24 24 to get the immediate resolution from us.

By pc tech 23 Nov, 2017

If you are a Norton user & suddenly encounter "8504 and 104" Error on your security product, then instead of worrying contact the reliable Norton 360 Support experts. And to connect with the certified Norton Antivirus Support professionals, you just have to dial the Toll-free Norton Customer Support Service Helpline Number – 1800-012-720. Our technical experts will fix these error instantly and properly for you, via the remote connection method. Where they will access the remote control of your device (after getting your permission) and then transparently perform the troubleshooting so that you can clearly see what is going on your system.

On the other hand, if you want to fix the errors manually, then also we, the experienced technicians of PC Experts Help are here to assist you with all the required information and appropriate instructions that will support you in resolving the errors on your own.     

‘Error 8504 and 104’ usually reflects if you perform an incomplete installation or if you download a corrupt file. Below the symptoms and causes of the error has been provided.

Symptoms of Norton "8504 and 104" Error

·        The active program window crashes after displaying “Error 8504 & 104"

·        Your system frequently crashes with Error 8504 and 104 message, while installing Norton antivirus program

·        “Norton Error 8504 and 104” is displayed on your computer screen

·        Windows runs feebly and responds with a delay to mouse or keyboard input

·        System periodically “freezes” for a few seconds often

The message showing “8504 and 104” error can appear:

·        While installing any application at the same time when the Norton Lab-related software program (example. Norton Antivirus ) is running

·        During the Windows OS installation

·        While Windows startup or shutdown

Note: Keeping the track of when & where your “Norton 8504 and 104 error” has occurred, is important to troubleshoot the errors.

Causes of Norton "8504 and 104" Error

·        Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Norton products

·        Corrupt Windows registry because of recent changes made by installing or uninstalling Norton antivirus related software

·        Virus or other malicious programs that has corrupted Norton Antivirus-related program files or Windows system files

·        Some malicious program intentionally or mistakenly deleted Norton Antivirus-related files

Note- There are various causes of Runtime Errors like “Error 8504 and 104”. So it is essential to troubleshoot every possible reason to prevent such runtime Errors from recurring.

Solution of Norton "8504 and 104" Error

Step 1: Download and Run the Norton Removal Tool

Norton Removal Tool will uninstall all the Norton products from your system. Backup the databases of ACT! Or WinFax if you were utilizing them before uninstallation. To reinstall all discontinued products verify that you have the installation files.

·        Download the Norton Removal Tool

·        Select the location Windows desktop to save the file

·        Double-click the Norton Removal Tool icon on the Windows desktop,

·        Follow the on-screen instructions

·        Restart your PC

·        Once the computer restarts, follow the on-screen instructions to install Norton antivirus

Step 2: To uninstall any other security product

·        Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R keys together

·        Type in the text “appwiz.cpl” then hit Enter

·        Pick up the non-Symantec security product in the list of currently installed programs, and then click Uninstall or Remove option

·        Follow the on-screen instructions

·        Restart the computer once the uninstall process completes

Step 3: Update the Video Graphics Driver

·        Press the Windows + R keys together to open the Run dialog box

·        Type in the text “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter

·        Double-click on Display adapters in the Device Manager window

·        Right-click on the HD graphics card and select Properties

·        On the Driver tab, check whether you’re using an outdated or current graphics card driver

·        If the driver is outdated, update your current download and install the latest version of the graphics card driver

·        Select your graphics card manufacturer:

·        AMD/ATI Radeon HD video graphics

·        Intel HD video graphics

·        NVIDIA graphics

·        Restart the computer and check if the issue has been fixed

It is very good to know if the error get fixed with the help of the aforementioned steps. But if still any type of issue bothers you, then the highly-qualified Norton Technical Support experts of our firm is ready to help you at any sort of time. As aforementioned, our professionals will access your device remotely and then fix the issue by their side, where you just have sit relax and monitor your screen (if you want to). Rely on us and feel safe as our technicians will never share your personals details without any body. Whatever the issue is? Just call our Toll-free Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number – 1800-012-720 and the expert specialists will provide excellent resolutions. Our expert professionals troubleshoot the errors in an effective manner that avoid its recurrence.    

By pc tech 23 Nov, 2017

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is a cloud-based Anti-Virus security software that safeguards your computers from various detrimental viruses & malwares which can cause severe damage to your machine. This antivirus not only stop worms and viruses from infecting your computer but also blocks all the unsafe websites while you are surfing online , in order to care for your PC.

Spywares are always a considerable threat for your device’s operating system and designed by hackers to steal your private information in order to use it for some kinds of wrong doings. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is a security product that offers you the real defense in order to safeguard your machine from spywares and other such threats. This security suite has the ability to detect and remove already lodged malwares by deep scanning the entire system and then removing them. That is why this antivirus product is a great need and help for you.

We, the certified and most reliable customer service provider for the Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus often find our customers in technical hitches while installing the antivirus on their PCs. In such a scenario, we means the experienced Webroot Antivirus Support technicians of Pc Experts Help are always ready to provide all kinds of support services so that our customers can enjoy the error-free usage of this security suite. If you want to install it by yourself then follow our guidance & instructions mentioned below.

Instructions to Install the Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

First of all you will get a Webroot install invitation e-mail from Webroot administrator comprising a customer link. But in case you use a link to the generic Webroot installation file, then you are required to enter your key code during the process of installation.

By using the Customized Webroot Installation file

In this process your Webroot Security Account key code is included as a part of the pathname by the customized Webroot installation file that you will receive from the Webroot install invitation emailed to you by your Webroot administrator. Here, you will get the detailed instructions along with.

·        First of all download the Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Protection software from the official website.

·        Select ‘Save’ when prompted to do so.

·        After that run the downloaded file.

The antivirus software will immediately get installed and make you feel secured.

Now you can find that a small Webroot icon is appearing on your system tray.

By using the generic Webroot installation file

In case of using the generic Webroot installation file, you need to work a little more.

·        First of all download the Webroot SecureAnywhere generic installer file. The ‘wsasme.exe’ file will appear on your system’s screen.

·        After that click on ‘open’ button to open the file and you’ll see that the installation page will appear in front of you.

·        Now enter your key code provided to you in the text box.

·        Then, Click on ‘Agree & Install’ option, which will begin the installation process & provide a message asking - ‘Do you want this app to make modifications to your device?’

·        Here, you need to click on ‘Yes’ which will provide you with a small Webroot icon on your system tray.

Though these are the simple guidelines provided by our experts for you, yet it is always beneficial to contact our Webroot Antivirus Technical Support professionals directly. Our Webroot Technical Customer Support team will ensure you with all necessary support required in the entire installation process. They can even install the antivirus for you, from their side by taking a remote access onto your device. Don’t keep any doubt about the security of your personal details that you are required to provide to our technical support experts, as we ensure that our professionals will never share your details with anyone at any cost. So, feel free to contact our 24x7 Webroot Antivirus Support team anytime at well-managed & Toll-free Webroot Customer Service Helpline Number – 1800-012-720.

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